Why Quitting School Was The Best Thing I’ve Done For Myself

Thought Catalog


I’m a quitter. I just didn’t know it.

I have always felt this extreme need to reach the (self-perceived) pinnacle of everything I try to do. Doings things halfway is not a concept I’m familiar with. There’s no one pushing me, I wasn’t raised in an over-bearing family, and I have no idea why I am the way that I am. If anyone can tell me, that’d be great.

I’ve been in school for twenty years. Non-stop. This includes my entire K-12 experience, but nonetheless, 20 years is a long time. I don’t even like school that much. I mean I didn’t even go to preschool so it’s not like this insane drive to succeed was ingrained during my formative years. Most of my family couldn’t tell you what I majored in. By now, I have 2 undergraduate degrees, 1.5 master’s degrees, and am ABD (all but dissertation) in…

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