The Strangest Thing My Cat Ever Did Saved My Life

Oh my glob :’o

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Flickr / Mike LinksvayerFlickr / Mike Linksvayer

Are you a cat person? If you are, you know how crazy cats can get. If you’re not, let me clue you in. There are times when cats will seem schizophrenic. They will be calm as a Zen master one moment, then something invisible to you will get their attention, and their pupils will dilate, and they’ll jump up with their tails bushed out in a panic and tear across the room, and you’ll be left sitting there in your chair, wondering what the hell just happened.

My cat Molly was an American Short Hair, chestnut-colored with patches of white. Her favorite activities were spazzing out at the sight of her tail, and sitting on the windowsill, watching birds while making sounds like the machine gun on a biplane: ak ak ak ak ak. She was the eccentric kind of cat that would prowl the…

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