Philophobia: Fear Of Falling In Love

I love how relatable she is… And her style portrays it perfectly. Need to read her poems eventually.

Thought Catalog

Unsplash / Brooklyn MorganUnsplash / Brooklyn Morgan

I sobbed today for the first time in a while.

I think my friends, and maybe even readers, would find that surprising. I totally seem like the sobbing type, right? And it’s true, I’m the one you’d call when you want someone totally comfortable with uncomfortable emotions. I’ll rub your back and you can spill your guts. We can cry together! It fits with who you expect me to be, right?

I get teary-eyed over so many things. Some sweet heart-felt message a reader sent. Those dreadful commercials with the sad-eyed puppy dogs that I wish I could save. The sting of sudden nostalgia when a memory I’d kept buried suddenly pops up. Movies get me. Books. Essays. I will read the same sentence four times, letting tears cloud my vision, and go back again. Read it again so I can feel it. I want to…

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