I’m A Woman Who’s Seriously Attracted To Feminine Men

Thought Catalog

Daniel Oines

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I’m a woman, and I love feminine men.

I love physically feminine men. An exposed clavicle. An exposed neck. Shapely legs. A tapered male waist — not as dramatic as a woman’s hourglass, but a lengthened and subtle curve.

I love men who wear clothing that accentuates their shape, rather boxy stoutness.

I love the look of a sleek male dancer, the male body applied to graceful lines and arcs rather than forced into rigid displays of brute strength and speed.

Not all feminine men look the part. I love feminine mannerisms. Coyness. A soft smile. Eloquent hands. Emotional expressiveness — that is, self-expression that doesn’t necessarily have to do with domineering, or being funny and clever, or being loud.

And feminine attributes. Sensitivity to aesthetics. Appreciation of detail. Deeply developed empathy and kindness. Consideration. Open affections. A particular kind of strength — pragmatic and…

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