Tokyo Ghoul – Unravel Lyrics

So perfect! LOVE ❤
Though I can't help but cry every time!

Yume Hokori

tokyo ghoul

Song / 曲: Unravel
Artist / 歌手: tk of Ling Tosite Sigure
Anime / アニメ: Tokyo Ghoul / トーキョーグール
Description: Opening Song

教えて 教えてよ その仕組みを 僕の中に誰がいるの? / oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi wo boku no naka ni dare ga iru no?
Tell me      tell me     how does this arrangement work?       Who is there inside me?

壊れた 壊れたよ この世界で 君が笑う 何も見えずに / kowareta kowareta yo kono sekai de kimi ga warau nani mo miezu ni
Broken      broken      In this world      you (are) laughing      without seeing anything

壊れた僕なんてさ 息を止めて / kowareta boku nante sa iki wo tomete
Such a broken person like me      Stopping my breathing

ほどけない もう ほどけないよ 真実さえ freeze / hodokenai mou hodokenai yo shinjitsu sae freeze
Cannot undo (it)      (I) cannot undo it now      Even the truth      freeze

壊せる 壊せない 狂える 狂えない / kowaseru kowasenai kurueru kuruenai
(I’ll) break (it)    …

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On Depression

This is so relatable. And beautifully written.

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If you ask me on a good day what depression feels like, my answer will be the same as it would be if it were posed on a bad one. The sensation is constant, but the timing is not. It is not steady predictability or flat surface. It is not beautiful sadness tied together with a whisky filled mind and a mouth hollow from too many cigarettes. It is not a desirable ache that inhabits pretty girls with soft hands and a love for literature. It is not delicate and pale. It is not freckles and bitten lips. It is not romantic.

Depression is my Saturday mornings turning into Mondays and Mondays evolving into impossible. It is the ringing of an alarm every hour of the day. It is the sun rising while darkness sets in the stomach. It is my body is awake but my mind is tired…

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50 Of The Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time


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Suspiria (Two-Disc Special Edition) Suspiria (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Since a very young age I’ve been obsessed with horror films, and I made it a goal to find the scariest ones out there.  Back in the day I had to ask people who were older than me and into horror for their perspective on the scariest films.  In recent years I’ve utilized the internet in my search.  My loser self isn’t embarrassed to admit I’ve watched a horror or thriller every night before falling asleep for the past several years.

I’m not just some scrub who picks out a movie.  I do my damn research.  As a true geek should I spend a minimum of 45 minutes nightly browsing through the web (the world fuckin’ wide one) in an attempt to gather the top horror picks of anyone who has an opinion.  From lists to discussion forums I’ve read through them all.  Well, a lot…

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Why Quitting School Was The Best Thing I’ve Done For Myself

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I’m a quitter. I just didn’t know it.

I have always felt this extreme need to reach the (self-perceived) pinnacle of everything I try to do. Doings things halfway is not a concept I’m familiar with. There’s no one pushing me, I wasn’t raised in an over-bearing family, and I have no idea why I am the way that I am. If anyone can tell me, that’d be great.

I’ve been in school for twenty years. Non-stop. This includes my entire K-12 experience, but nonetheless, 20 years is a long time. I don’t even like school that much. I mean I didn’t even go to preschool so it’s not like this insane drive to succeed was ingrained during my formative years. Most of my family couldn’t tell you what I majored in. By now, I have 2 undergraduate degrees, 1.5 master’s degrees, and am ABD (all but dissertation) in…

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The Strangest Thing My Cat Ever Did Saved My Life

Oh my glob :’o

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Flickr / Mike LinksvayerFlickr / Mike Linksvayer

Are you a cat person? If you are, you know how crazy cats can get. If you’re not, let me clue you in. There are times when cats will seem schizophrenic. They will be calm as a Zen master one moment, then something invisible to you will get their attention, and their pupils will dilate, and they’ll jump up with their tails bushed out in a panic and tear across the room, and you’ll be left sitting there in your chair, wondering what the hell just happened.

My cat Molly was an American Short Hair, chestnut-colored with patches of white. Her favorite activities were spazzing out at the sight of her tail, and sitting on the windowsill, watching birds while making sounds like the machine gun on a biplane: ak ak ak ak ak. She was the eccentric kind of cat that would prowl the…

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My Summer Love Still Burns


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capsicina capsicina 

I know I shouldn’t still love you.
I know I shouldn’t still cough up my heart, presenting it to you like it’s something you want.
Like it’s something you asked for,
You did not ask for my confessions.
I know this,
I know.
“We never even really dated,” I choke on my own words.
I close my eyes and remember the first night you kissed me,
the urgency of us,
of needing to close all spaces.
A jigsaw of skin constructed to fit each other perfectly.

It is a gross fact that keeps me up when everyone else is asleep.
It is the track that keeps repeating,
people are asking for a new song but I do not know how to tell them,
my CD player is broken and this is all I can get to work.
It is a pathetic story I tell myself again
and again

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